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Linux 4.7 is out

„So, after a slight delay due to my travels, I’m back, and 4.7 is out. Despite it being two weeks since rc7, the final patch wasn’t all that big, and much of it is trivial one- and few-liners. There’s a couple of network drivers that got a bit more loving….

OpenBSD 6.0 to be released Sep 1, 2016


PCI payment protection resources for small merchants


Can Banks Help Small Merchants with PCI?


What SMBs Need To Know About Security But Are Afraid To Ask


6 Steps to Securing Your Point-of-Sale System


Podwyższony stopień alarmowy BRAVO-CRP dla polskiej cyberprzestrzeni

Beata Szydło wprowadziła podwyższony stopień alarmowy BRAVO-CRP dla polskiej cyberprzestrzeni

Jak używać CRONE?

Nie wiesz/nie pamiętasz jak używać CRONTAB? To narzędzie jest dla Ciebie: http://crontab.guru

Wyciek danych z forum Ubuntu

Notice of security breach on Ubuntu Forums

Drupal contrib – Highly Critical – Remote code execution PSA-2016-001

There will be multiple releases of Drupal contributed modules on Wednesday July 13th 2016 16:00 UTC that will fix highly critical remote code execution vulnerabilities (risk scores up to 22/25). These contributed modules are used on between 1,000 and 10,000 sites. The Drupal Security Team urges you to reserve time…

Włamanie do MON??

MON zhackowany? Pravyy Sector twierdzi, że wykradł dane z intranetu Ministerstwa Obrony Narodowej

TP-LINK loses control of two device configuration domains

TP-LINK loses control of two device configuration domains